March 13, 2017

15 The Void

Music & Lyrics by Abbing & Batink. ©2017

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[Option 1, religion.]

As you search for the truth you got two options
One is to believe and the other is not
The deep divine give’s some poontag action
At least you’re certain after you’re dead

You don’t have to think, everything’s written
Go with flow, you don’t have to bet
If you don’t want to know

I said, eyes wide, you can’t look around
To see the things within and listen without
An approvement (approval)
The solution (solution)
It’s all in the Void

We live, we live in the Void (x4)

[Option 2, love.]

When you were young, checking out the ladies
I need love, searching a partner for life
Building a home, have some kids
A tree in the garden and a walking fridge
A show-off car, a big promotion and for your devotion
You got to choose

She’s nagging, huhh, gimme a break (gimme a break)
I need the space so I can breath
And if you want some answers
Here’s all you need

We live, we live in the Void (x4)
We live, we live in the Void (x4)

[Option 3, none of the above.
Thank you for calling self-help services.
This call is recorded for educational purposes, to improve your quality of life.]