April 24, 2017

Bas Waaijers en Priska Helena Baumann over Empathy



It makes me feel like a Sunday morning, in autumn. Easy….. sun breaking through the windows. When I would be awake and my lover would be still sleeping, I could watch his breathe. Outside it’s cold and inside it is warm and cosy, feeling his heartbeat in my hand underneath our skin. I see autumn colors, yellow leaves, warm and cosy, gold. Happiness, gratitude, much much gratitude. The song makes me think of these rare moments when you are pausing a moment in time and space and you see the overview of your life, catching up to feel what is inside you and being thankful for that. Embracing all the treasures and special gifts that you have in life, if you can open your heart to feel and see them. Like the ritual of the Masai Warriors in which they run and suddenly stand still to allow their souls to catch-up with them. This song reminds me of being grateful for the richness and fullness of life.

‘Empathy’, to me, is about taking in every moment, every energy in life. Taking it all in, breathing it in. If you can breathe in the wholeness, including pain and sorrow, it can transform into something beautiful. If you feel the shoulder of your loved one against yours, even the shittiest feeling may pass and you still will be able to stand strong together. This song reminds me of connection between me and my loved one. True connection… looking into each others eyes, placing our hands on each others heart. It also, to me, is about duality. I could feel sadness and happiness when I listened to it. The voice of the singer (is that you, Philippe?) touched me deeply and reached me very much within. It is a vulnerable, yet powerful voice. Also duality in there.  I could hear grief in his voice and the combination with the uplifting melodies and the instruments, made the song a chilling (in a good way) performance. The lyrics touched me in their simplicity. Straight forward… without any polishing or pimping up.