March 13, 2017

07 The Fool

Music & Lyrics by Abbing & Batink. ©2017

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[It starts here with a boring shot of a so-called significant location.
Next, they walkie-talkie preamble from the author,
passing steadily towards the lens punctuating every other sentence with a hand gesture
and ignoring all the pricks smelling around them, like he’s gliding through the fucking matrix
before coming to a hold and posing the one million dollar question:
“What comes next?”]

The show must go on
The story has to be told
I don’t check my facts
My soul is already sold
(Another lie)

I will say anything
Do you imagen a world
Where reality and fiction unite
(In perfect harmony)
And I will do anything
To show the world I’m a winner
A saint and a sinner in one
(in one, in one)
How does my story go on
(go on, go on)
(go on, go on)

Who wants the truth
We all want to be fooled
(Cause the truth is so cruel)
My lies are my friends
I’m quicker than sand
(Cross my heart and hope to die)

I lose my integrity
And I won’t last for a day
If I’d care what they say about me
My words will bedazzle you
Like a fool on the hill
You’ll remember me still as the one
(You are the one)
Hey, hey remember the one
Do you remember the one

Who do you think I’m supposed to be
A user and abuser with no dignity
I’m running wild I’m running free
Mine is bigger
I ain’t asking, I ain’t singing
I ain’t pleasing I am ringing (my bell)
Answer the phone Tyrone
(You better call Tyrone)
(You are the one)
Come on, take a look at me
Mister bigger than reality
Pretty, pretty, plastic surgery
I’m wearing my stripes like a killer bee
I go boom like TNT
I’m poison like DDT
I’m more vibrant than PYT
If you’re lucky you can hangout we me
(You are the one, you are the one)
Cause I’m the place to be
Like a great vacation to Hawaii
Where women stall around showing their booty
Talk to me you appointee
My rhymes are like a potpourri
Starting with my ABC (one two three)
I’m finishing off this spelling bee
Nothing’s real you wannabee
From a to z
You wannabee
From a to z