Then there was Bass and all was fine….

Two weeks ago we recorded the bass line for the track ‘Don’t try to change me’  and that was lots of fun. It’s nice to get together and play around with the musical ideas we have. But it is even nicer when some of these ideas can be put to a song. I love playing bass and although recording can sometimes be dull, it is not when Peter is around. We joke around when I’m not spot on the first beat and that makes recording fun. We like doing this and we  have fun while we are making music and record it. Then there is no vOID there is only now.

Last week we recorded the voices and I wanted to make some pictures while we were recording. But the camera and flash made to much noise and we were afraid we  recorded the sounds on the track. So I took some pictures with my cell.

Phillipe is a very steady and skilled singer. It only took two or three takes to get the voices and backing vocals recorded. Next week a new challenge. Phillipe has sent me some stuff which I will go listen to now and I will report back to you.

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