The Band again?

Maybe the best way to produce music is to benefit of ones best qualities. We had a session with Gérard again… since a long time. Our yearly x-mas recital had been canceled, because of some extreme weather. So the first moment we could plan a new session, the top 2000 was being played. A great opportunity to play some good old favorites.

Gérard is a great pianist. I played a wannabe classical piece, that has to evolve to something ambient… (still working on it) but it was a bit boring. He played my ‘rubato’ style piano by complementing all the missing notes. It’s a piece for two piano’s now. In the future some violins will be added.

And we needed Gregorian music for Meaculpa. Listen to it, this is something Gérard knows, and we follow along… with Mea Culpa.

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