singing lessons

OK I admit it: since we don’t play every week with the band my voice is getting weaker and less flexibel. So I went to search for a singing teacher. It was an easy search. Astrid Parijs has a fine record of achievements and a nice tone to grow to new hights. And she is nice, that’s important too. Half a year I’m going now, and it pays off. I can hear improvement, my voice is more flexibel, more steady and… my biggest problem is getting smaller. I have a spot in my thoat which hurts when I sing more than two songs. It has to do with too much tention. And now I’m learning to relax and open up.

There was a performance afternoon for the students of Astrid. I wanted to sing a duet with her and as nothing was available we sang Angels by Robby Williams together. Nice enough to post it here, thanks to Astrid’s mom who filmed and edited it.

Astrid promised to sing some things on vOID. Some background things, a ‘great gig in the sky’ at the end of one of the songs and maybe a duet or something familiar. With her qualities it will be ready in a afternoon.

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