Shut Up and Play…

Did you ever notice that “Techno” spelled backwards is “No Tech”. Wooo, deep man!

Just when the first green sprouts came out of the vOID, I made a mistake that rendered my studio PC virtually useless. Thank God all data was saved. I decided to reinstall my PC and couldn’t find my XP license (no joke). I made a leap of faith to Windows 7.

It didn’t fix the problem. After taking a close look at the clock, my computer was ticking away time in 2041, making all my audio software licenses invalid (duh!). After going back in time, no, back to the now, I’m finally able to park the tech issues and start making music.
Windows 7 (although still 32bit, as recommended by many using audio) has proved to be a succes. Jeeey… Shut up and play!

Well, about the music so far ? We are going places no one has gone bold before. Frozen chickens, what’s next! The ideas keep coming, but the vOID is endless and who knows where we end up. One word: soundbites. I’ve said enough, no more, please don’t make me.

And some very nice remakes of the Two Lost fases CD. If we ask Philippe politely, maybe he trows them in as a bonus with the vOID offer 🙂

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