Okay, I’m not new to this music business, but in some ways I can be surprised. In the first place I need to admit that I am not so much of a studio musician. My strength is ‘to boldly go where no men dare’, with flair, elegance, but mostly guts. Raw emotional expression. But to be a studiop musician you need to be focused, look for details, know what you do and do it perfectly, even after a few takes. I don’t know if it’s lack of experience, but I cannot hear the music in my head all the times. The more I sing, the more it works, but it is still hard work. So in this fase I need to thank Astrid Parijs (my singing teacher), who never fails to compliment me and be very patient with my lack of studio experience. She helps me to be a better me, in many ways I must say.

And Peter… well he’s always been my musical partner, but never failed to keep me on my edge. In the last session it became clear that my singing gets better when he is behind the buttons, and I don’t mean him turning them. I had tried to sing the lead voice of ‘If heaven…’ in my own studio, but couldn’t get it right. Not even after 2 afternoons of trying. But I think that we have a rap after out evening of giving it a go. Thing are growing, thing are getting towards an end, it’s getting more and more beautiful. What my life will be like after vOID…

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