Lotte van der Broek

6 years ago, we (Dick Pijnacker and myself with al little help from Peter Batink) recorded a song when Lotte graduated. This was the first time a student wanted to tribute. She has a beautiful voice, a bit shy, but then again, it was very lovely, a bit R&B with great potential.

And now… 6 years later… she graduated from musical arts, has grown up and still is the wonderfull woman she was. But now with a mature voice and so much more ┬ásofisticated.

Besides some addlips in ‘tried to be me’ we recorded a between-song: ‘you move away from me’. Listen to it know, I don’t know houw long it will be available on the site as it is a rough (really rough) version.

And… My god, what a voice…. listen to “You move away”.

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