Early Bird

(See Peter’s comment on his version of how this song was created)

Last friday, after a few calls that week from Peter, saying he had a very beautiful acoustic riff, a song was dropped in my mailbox. Peter had recorded the guitars and played with Ronald the acoustic drums, by playing a side dish and two ornamental figures. Still raw, but beautiful. So one and a half hours later I recorded the lyrics. I had written these lyrics some time ago, knowing they would fit somewhere.. so here it was.

Do you hear the birds sample, it’s real. Peter couldn’t sleep or something and recorded some overactive blackbirds in his garden. (Dit you know that birds in the city sing louder than birds in the country?)

So there was Early Bird.

1 thought on “Early Bird

  • Well Philippe, after recording my acoustic guitar using the piezo element, like always, I started experimenting by using a microphone. It took quite a while to search a microphone position. During this search, I started to play some notes and was tempted to fingerpick the strings. Being motorically challenged, it felt damn good to find out that I actually had progressed without practising for a lon while. The melody has a hypnotic quality and made me very calm.

    When Ronald first heard the melody he was enthousiastic about it and came with the idea to add some percussion. Looking for a wood percussion instrument to play a clave rhythm, I though of the Little Ebony African Fertility statues in my living room. They produced just the sound we needed. We were also looking for a kind of Jembe instrument. Some years ago, I got a birthday present from Philippe; a hollow wooden table element shaped like 2 opposed pyramids. We used it as the second percussion element. We had a blast!

    At the end of the evening, I played the bird samples I took, to show Ronald how rolling off the bass frequencies removed the city noises and placed the beautiful bird songs in a forest-like environment. He immediately suggested to use these samples in the song we just created.

    The rest is history according the story as Philippe depicts above altough it is a blackbird, a nightingale and a robin.

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