don’t try to change me

As Ronald so viviously discribed about our last sesion (thx for the compliments) we recorded the vocals of ‘don’t try to change me’. In comparrison to the other projects in the last 20 years, I think this is the 4th session. The great advantange is that I can record in my own studio, so it’s easy to quickly record something on the run.

It’s gets better all the time. And although it’s not finished, I’ll share some with you. We’ve added backing vocals, listen how ‘close harmony’ Peter and my voice blend. My timing is his, his harmony makes my voice beautiful. (we are no couple, but learned to accept the oddities… hmmm it could be that we have a better relation than many real couples 🙂

And finally: Really listen to the additives, the hawai guitars, the rock guitar and the really fat strings. This is why Peter is the best musician and producer. We are great in his presence L

So Don’t try to change me.

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