Makeover time!

Now Void almost reaches completion, a few songs no longer fit in. So it’s makeover time! The song “My Heart” is transformed from a low energy standard ballad to a full blown “Beatle” song. 3 minutes of ear pleasing harmonies and, of course, the mellotron 🙂


Don’t worry. It’s not about the project timeline 🙂 This weekend I played my first guitar part with a glass bottleneck. And there it is, that swampy feel we needed for the song “Make me whole”. Thank you for the basics Tom Feldmann!

If Heaven…

This week, Philippe did push the envelope. The vocals of “Long time Ago”, “A beautiful day” and “If Heaven” were recorded and that really completes these songs. There’s still a lot of work to do, but this phase of the project is fun. I can’t wait to hear the next tracks.