After 10 years…

Difficult to believe that after 10 years working (with ups and downs) on this project it seems to come to a finish this summer. At least the audio is. Not worried about a great ambition, we started a musical search and challenge which soon destilled to a potpourri of coherrent and experimental songs. Not always according tot the pop-rules (max 4 min, couplet-ref-couplet-ref-bridge-ref-ref) but in a way seperate songs that have a surplus as their sum adds up to more.

At this moment we let go of the video-project as it is too much work. We are continu├»ng the small films and it will be a next great challenge. Here a work-in-progress to ‘early bird’:

After finishing the audio we’ll need some help with:

  • mastering
  • adding the music on streaming services
  • promotion (ideas)


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