June 11, 2009

over Abbing & Batink

Abbing & Batink are a group of musicians from Holland. 


 Founded in the early 90’s they started out as a akoustic group, 4 voices and two guitars. In those glorydays one of the members ran off, so three remained. In a lonely summerholliday the first studio project of Abbing & Batink ‘Two lost fases’ was created.

The description:

The thought to create a piece of music based on a single theme first appeared medio 1993. It wasn’t to hard to choose the theme since all earthly problems boil down to love. Doctor Küpler-Ross described 7 emotional fases every person experiences in case of loss. We interpreted this theorem to 9 coherent musical works and tried to capture our emotions in both music and lyrics. Besides the project, a number of individual songs were created on various ideas to make a full extend of the studio that was used, We’ve tried to combine MIDI, acoustic instruments and vocals to a more than lifelike sound. We sincerely hope you will enjoy this recording as much as we do it ourselves.

It took only two years before the next project was finished. Working in a studio, creating music, searching for beauty and a way to attract women, ‘Open en bloot’,half English half Dutch was created. (translation something like ‘naked honesty’ or ‘transparent’)

Open & Bloot, november 1998. Two years of lazy sunday afternoons searching for new challenges; like dutch lyrics, like an original style. Based on raw emotions of Phillipe and the intuitive professionalism of Peter. Philippe: ‘Music helps me to give problems a place in my life and I hope that others will too.’. Peter: ‘To create something that will touch people often is vanity, still together with Phillipe it suddenly changes to honesty .’
Not rationalising feelings but the knowledge it will work that way. Music puts our feet in the clay and is breathing in and out…

Meanwhile, besides the studioproject, Café revived with two new members, Ronald and Gérard. To promote the music of the album, to have fun playing music, to be able to focus on ‘all dutch lyrics’ with this group, was the drive. Ten years we stayed together…

Dauw, mei 2002. It was a small step to an exlusively dutch lyrics CD. During a period of 3 year, songs could mature on stage in the reborn band Café©. With the addition of Gérard Holthuizen on keyboards and Ronald Damwijk on bass the arrangements became solid and original. Songs about honest and real emotions. Made in a time that everything came real close… Dauw shows little and natural things, It comes and goes whenever it wants to, but you always know it will be there another tomorrow. A bunch of great musicians trusted ‘Dauw’ with a piece of their souls.

In 2009 Gérard chose to study and leave the band. In fact we were standing still, not going anywere, just doing what we could, not what gave inspiration. So, after some long talks, vOID was born. We finally are going somewhere, and it’s inspirational!