8-8-10 Mea Culpa

Today we had an old fasioned session in the studio. It must have been 15 years ago when we wrote ‘Karen’, a song for my girlfriend-at-that-time. Two guitars dancing together, playing a own part, blending like one. I’m not a great guitarist, I’m not a great singer either. But I love to play and my basic cords and special rythims are enough for Peter to make something out of it.

Today we sat together. I returned from my holliday yesterday concluding that I didn’t write anything down in my notebook. So no inspiration?! Well enough ideas, and this one was about a up tempo song 6/8 with a great drive, starting with Gregorian music, Latin of course, some meaningful lyrics containing ‘Mea Culpa’ and resoving in a song about not being afraid to show who you are, told by someone who looks at you and gives some coaching and review on this case. Is’s about settling down, accepting who you are.

Want to hear? Sorry no material yet.. we’ve recorded just the plane basics, but it stands. Working title ‘Mea Culpa’.

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